10 Essential Tools for Painting a Room

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March 21, 2018
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10 Essential Tools for Painting a Room

Decorating room with painting has always been on trend while deciding colours for your room depends on your taste. Some people love bright and bold colours, while others like something simple and eye soothing colours. So it all depends on you.  If you have an idea of painting your room and want to know about right painting tools, then we will help you get started with the right tools. We would recommend 10 essential tools for painting a room. They are


  1. Canvas tarp or plastic drop cloth – If furniture cannot be moved out of the general painting area, then canvas tarp or plastic drop cloth is used to protect floors and furniture from paint spill and splatters. You can also use old newspapers, but wouldn’t recommend if the painting is in a carpeted area.
  2. Angled paint brush – Angled paint brushes are used to paint the corners. It helps to achieve clean edges without the paint bleeds, which can be very tricky in corners if using a regular flat paint brush.
  3. Paint roller frame & roller covers – You should use a roller for the majority of painting since it has a much faster method than a brush. If you are painting a large room or a room with high ceilings, then we would recommend using a painter’s pole, which you can attach your roller too, for extended reach for high ceilings.
  4. 3-inch flat paint brush – The 3-inch flat paint brush is used for “cutting in”, which is the process of painting the border around the taped-off areas. It is very helpful.
  5. Paint tray – You can use the paint tray to hold the smaller portion of paint as you work. It is also very useful to avoid the dipping of brushes directly into the paint cans, which can pollute paint with dust and dirt.
  6. Ladder – You may be comfortable to stand on top of a chair or table, but the safest thing is a ladder, you need to invest in a ladder. The best ladder is Multiple Position 12 Step Aluminum Folding Ladder, which is compact enough to store in a very small space when not in use. It features adjustable heights, you can use it as a step ladder or even as a regular size ladder.
  7. Spackle & spatula – It is used to patch any holes.
  8. Metallic paint scraper – It is used to scrape off any peeling or cracking before painting.
  9. Fine grit sandpaper – It is used to even out the rough texture and smoothes down any bumps on the wall.
  10. Tape – It is used to tape off the borders so paint doesn’t bleed into areas you don’t want to paint; it is also used to cover the hardware and outlets. It is used to achieve clean edges.
That’s all you need to paint your room!!

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