5 Ways to Get the Look of Exposed Brick at Home

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5 Ways to Get the Look of Exposed Brick at Home

The exposed brick look is very elegant and classy, it gives a rustic charm to your wall. All you need to know is the real trick to make your wall look great. There are several ways to decorate your wall elegantly but the exposed brick look is above all. Different looks have different methods. Each one will demand different materials. But we have gathered some of the easiest 5 ways to get the look of exposed brick at home.


  • Brick Veneer Accent Wall: You can achieve the look of exposed brick veneer accent wall with whole bricks with veneers instead, or the thin slivers of brick that are applied to the surface much like the ceramic tile. This gives you a rustic charm to your wall.
  • Stencil for the faux brick wall: The simplest way to get a faux brick wall is by using a stencil! Paint a base and then, align and then, realign the stencil. Renter Perfect. Paint and stencils are an easy way to add fresh colour and pattern to your wall and making your dull hallway to a brick wall of your dream.
  • Brick Paneling: The brick panelling is the quick and easy option, which are readily available at the hardware stores and paint stores. If you are a starter, then you can go up in large sheets and can paint any colour you desire to get the rustic charm on your wall.
  • Brick Wallpaper: there are variously textured wallpapers are available in the market. If you are a renter in your home, then spending a lot of pennies on the wall is not a good idea, but you can make your wall look elegant by using brick wallpapers on your wall. It can be applied on your wall by using the temporary wallpaper paste.
  • Brick Drywall: Brick drywall is something found in old buildings, but some people love the texture, if you are one of them, then you can make your wall brick drywall which can be created from the interior stucco or drywall mud with great results. It gives you a finished elegant look to the wall.
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