How to Prevent Paint Peeling On Wall or Ceilings?

10 interior house painting tips
10 Interior House Painting Tips
June 6, 2018
prevent paint peeling

How to prevent paint peeling on wall or ceilings?


The most common problem about walls is peeling paint, that affects almost all surfaces. The problem can occur immediately or after a long period, depending on a number of factors that may include the quality of the paint and the competence of the painter. Now we will see how to prevent paint peeling on walls and ceilings.  


You need to follow these
  • Protect the painted surfaces from water: You should save your wall from water because water weakens the adhesive bonds between the paint and surface and it results to bulge,  crack, and finally peel off. If you have a damaged roof, gutter, flashing, or soffit, you need to repair it immediately to keep water away from the walls and ceiling.
  • Control humidity and condensation around the surfaces: These two conditions can cause moist conditions on the painted surfaces making paint detach from the surface. So to avoid these conditions, you need to keep your windows open in humid weather. You can also install an air conditioning system to help drive out moist air and bring in dry ones.
  • Prepare the surfaces properly before painting: Paint doesn’t stick properly to a poorly-prepared surface like if there is a hole or crack on the wall. You need to use a patching material which provides an even surface. For the ceiling, you need to fix any incomplete joint compound and seam tapes to create a uniform surface. Then you need to remove old paint using a scraper and then paint it.
  • Protect the coated surfaces from heat and sunlight: You need to protect the painted surface from intense sunlight and heat because the intense sun makes paint fragile and less elastic. If the paint is exposed to these conditions, then it flakes after a short period. If you want to paint the surface that heats up, then you need to paint that surface when it is at normal temperature.
  • Use the right paint and primer: There are different paints and primers that are designed for the different surfaces. Some are designed for concrete surfaces while others are designed for the wooden surfaces. Choosing the wrong one can lead to bonding issues causing peeling problem. So you need to choose the right paint and primer for the walls and ceilings.
  • Employ the right painting method: Poor painting methods and practices are the major cause of peeling paint. If you are painting a rough concrete surface, then you need a brush or roller with thick bristles. If the surface is smooth and you are using an oil-based paint, then you need a brush or roller with thinner bristles. You need to employ the right painting method to keep your wall and ceilings beautiful and problem-free.
If you follow all these steps for your wall and ceilings, then your home is going to be problem free and beautiful.

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