Paint can help promote good study habits for your Kids
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February 14, 2018
General House Painting Tips
General House Painting Tips
February 14, 2018

Paint can help promote good study habits for your kids

It is a very challenging task for parents to make their kids study. Besides, a number of distractions like mobile phones and video games that are available almost everywhere nowadays. But, instilling good study habits in your kids at a young age is very important. This might sound surprising or weird but with the right colour scheme in your kid’s room can help promote good study habits for your kids. There are various effective and versatile paint techniques that can promote overall efficiency and mental clarity of your child.
The Bold, active and bright colours are very stimulating and thought-provoking. The colours can be any bold or bright shade of your kid’s favourite colour, but the lighter shades evoke stability, allowing kids and adults in maintaining focus. White and cream colours are also great choices for kids study room as they support the mental clarity.
Magnetic paint is an upcoming favourite for parents and professionals. Magnetic paint is just like regular paint but made with tiny particles of iron dust mixed in it. The iron dust allows any surface you paint on to hold a magnet, just like your refrigerator. You can even add a layer of regular paint on top of the magnetic paint to match the home paint colour in your room. Kids love the freedom of playing with the magnets on a large space. You should teach your kids the importance of organization using the magnetic paint on a wall in your study room.
Te another popular choice is chalkboard paint. Painting a wall with the chalkboard means your kids can write and draw on the walls with chalk and wipe them effortlessly with a paper towel or a damp cloth. It is very creative and also a very useful thing. You can try creating a decorative border around the painted area for an artistic look. This is again an effective way to teach your kids the importance of staying organized and they can also freely enjoy playing and spelling games or creative sketches.
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