Paint Colour Trends in 2018

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March 31, 2018
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Paint Color Trends for 2018

Everyone likes to follow trends, whether it is fashion, furniture or colours. Most of the people think that following a trend is something cool, they love to keep up with the trend. You should even start following the trend and refresh your space this new year. We have the paint colours trends for 2018. They are


  • Deep Onyx: You can pair this hue with the natural wood for an equally warm and edgy design. It will look even better if you enhance it with an airy pendant light.
  • Black Flame: If you are not ready to go all black, then you can try a purple-toned version to make a softer impact.
  • Caliente: Are you ready to make a striking statement? Then coat your wall in this hot hue. You can paint a wall in this colours and rest of the walls with something sober.
  • Caponata: If you prefer a quiet approach, then you should try on this deep berry hue. It’s perfect for adding the depth to a rich design.
  • Boca Raton Blue: If you have a beach-inspired style sensibility? Then, This hue can easily transform your space from soothing to peachy keen when paired with a few breezy organic accents.
  • Fort Pierce Green: We just found new favourite accent colours. Rejoice it.
  • Delray Gray: The cool tones of this bluish grey are perfect for making a tranquil bedroom. Still, they are versatile,  it is pretty much easy to complement any space they are in.
  • Soho Loft:  A warm purple-grey has its own charm.  So it’s perfect for any space that could stand to be a little warm and inviting.
  • Yellow Finch: Sometimes we all need is a little help in getting up in the morning. That is not possible until you get to have your coffee surrounded by this uplifting hue.
  • Showtime: Colours have its unique knack for making you feel inspired and motivated. If you are having trouble staying motivated through that dreaded afternoon work slump, then consider outfitting your office with this stimulating colours.
  • Driftscape Tan: One of the best things about this colours is that it can lean more pink or more beige depending on what it’s near. So to draw out the pink tones, you should pair it with the blonde natural wood and light blues.
  • Broken Arrow: If you are looking to spice up a white-dominant colours palette in the new year, then this hue is an awesome way to do it.
  • Mosaic: If decorating is not your strong suit? Then eliminate the need for adding decor by incorporating this hue.
  • Starry Night Blue:  You don’t need to choose ultra-bright if you prefer a more subtle style  So this deep blue will bring the visual intrigue without overwhelming your aesthetic.
Paint the trend!

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