Why painting and art can make you happy?

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Why painting and art can make you happy?


Jackson Pollock said “Painting is self-discovery, Every good artist paint what he is”, this quote itself says the major reason why painting and art can make you happy?. In our daily routine, we forget what we are and what we want, we just do things people want us to do and be the way they want us. We need to open up and express our emotions and boost our happiness level.
Painting and arts are the right things to express anything and discover our inner thoughts, it is said that “Art is the journey of a free soul”. Each and everything said about painting and art are proven to true. Because whoever said these things must have experienced happiness, freeness, peace, etc. According to each one, the feeling varies, but the emotion “happiness” is default in everyone’s thoughts and sayings. One can just understand the emotion of a person just by his/her words.
Art evokes the emotion of an individual, you must have seen in the movies, a person who is secluded or in trauma will express their feelings and emotions through arts and paintings. Yes, it is true. It evokes your emotions and makes you free from the feeling or emotion that is troubling you. A kind of relief and happiness you will feel once you pass the thought to others through your paintings.
Arts not only evokes your emotions, it also evokes your creativity. Once you get introduced to your creativity, you can show your creativity to the world and get appraisals and it will make you happy. You can make paintings for your home. Art and paintings are just more than we think. It can affect your mood, it distracts you from the worries of the world that you carry in your bag.
For centuries art and paintings have decorated people’s homes for a plenty of reasons; it is adored by everyone. Arts and paintings are not only for walls. It can extend to wall hangings, statues, ornaments, clothes, doors, children’s handmade kinds of stuff etc. Happiness is found in paintings and arts.
Now we will look why,
Reduces stress – It is a known fact that doing something you love also releases endorphins (i.e.feel-good chemicals) that combat stress and reduces the pain. But the studies have shown that both creating and observing art can reduce cortisol (i.e. The ‘stress hormone’).

Distraction from worries – Painting is such a powerful thing, it can do many things which a man himself cannot do it easily. It has the power to engage you so fully into it,
it is very hard to dwell on troubles and worries once you are in the flow of a painting.
Builds self-esteem – It builds self-esteem,  everything looks so positive as there is a strong thing “confident” within us. Painting provides a challenge and with each hour It builds skills making us the most confident and positive person. The more you see the improvement and the more the feeling of achievement.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso.

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