Royale Play Texture Painting in Bangalore

Coats of colours is best known for its royale play texture painting in Bangalore, Transform your bare walls in the room with royale play texture painting. Texture wall painting is the most needed painting for a quick makeover. If you love the feel of that casual denim or want to experience the African Safari, you can recreate all these textures and more with our texture wall painting services.

Royale Play Texture in Bangalore

Our amazing texture artists and royale play designers, from Bangalore, magically transform plain walls into fantastic texture patterns. You will be given a number of best textures to choose from, it can also be metallic or non-metallic. You can flaunt your style with pride. Make a statement with wall textures. There are many patterns available in coats of colours, some of them are as follows

  • Marina: Dazzle your wall with this delicate shell-like texture when you recreate the marina with the bright sun reflecting off the blue sea.
  • Fresco: You can create a work of art on your walls with rich texture, in various hues both metallic and non-metallic.
  • Oak: Imagine a lush tree canopy on your wall, it feels as if you are surrounded by the woody textures of oak.
  • Linea: This overarching pattern of the deeply-etched, laced grooves adds dimension to your walls, it reflects a tasteful, cultured sensibility.
  • Weaving: your paint and textures say a lot about you, this texture intricate details of the weaving effect tries to bring forth the smallest nuances creating a multi-faceted persona in your room. You can choose from its versatile palette to add just the right character to your interiors.
  • Timber: This texture adds the distinct outdoorsy quality of a cabin in the woods to your urban home.
  • Splash: This texture Splish-splash your walls with the psychedelic artistry of Pop Art.
  • Spatula: This texture creates a dramatic effect that reflects classical surroundings, it transforms a plain wall into having the appearance of an ancient sandstone wall.
  • Ragging: This gives a faux finish technique which allows your walls to be draped in soft fabric. It transforms the appearance of the entire room by adding old world charm to modern settings.
There are many more beautiful texture design available in coats of colours as we are the best Royale play texture painting in Bangalore.